How To Join

The AVMF serves as your charitable umbrella capable of accepting donations and dispersing payments directly to you for the charitable care you provide. AVMF donations, received in support of your practice, may be used at your discretion — no advance approval from the AVMF is required when you use the funds in your account.

Already providing charitable care? Let AVMF help you. Learn more! 

Enrollment Benefits

  • AVMF will add your name to the online list of veterinary hospitals accepting donations.
  • AVMF will create a personalized online page where you can access all account activity.
  • AVMF will send acknowledgement letters to donors that will include the name of your hospital.
  • AVMF will send you a Welcome Kit that will assist in your marketing and fundraising efforts.

Note: Existing 501(c)(3)charitable organizations and government affiliated groups are not eligible to enroll in the AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund®. The program is a benefit to AVMA members who are not currently working under another non-profit entity. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 847-285-6690 or by email at